RN01 Phone Display IPad Tablet PC Stand

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Can be used as laptop stand, iPad tablet stand, switch game console stand

Suitable for people: students, people who use laptops and tablets

Applicable occasions; home office, office, outdoor office, outdoor entertainment

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Material  aluminum alloy + silicone
Surface treatment process  oil injection
Elevation angle  11°~43°
Height range  44-139mm height adjustment
Applicable models  9.7~13.3 inches
Weight  ≤10Kg
Patent  Appearance patent, utility model patent


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● Triangular stable support structure, stable and not shaking.

● Easy to operate, no need to align the leg support holes.

● Aluminum alloy material, sturdy and durable

● The weight is only 195G, which can be carried around

● Metal baking paint process, the color is rich and does not fall off the paint, and various colors can be customized

● Five anti-skid and heat-resistant silicone sheets to fully protect the tablet

● Deformable storage, multi-functional use, support for laptops, tablets, mobile phones Smaller support area for faster heat dissipation

● Gear adjustment, adjust the height according to personal preference, correct bad sitting posture

● You can screen print your logo.

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The whole is made of aluminum alloy material, which is sturdy and durable, and can bear 10KG.Triangular stable support structure, stable and not shaking.

Sturdy/stable/simple for iPad, tablet stand. The front silicone pad prevents the tablet from sliding around in the office home and recreational use and scratching the expensive switch console.

Can adjust the angle of tilt - seven gears adjustable, high range: 44-139mm. Protects your vision and maintains your comfortable posture for neck and shoulder pain relief. Five non-slip heat-resistant silicone sheets to fully protect the tablet

The front is fully covered with silicone non-slip pad, so you don't need to worry about the tablet shaking back and forth. The contact surface is covered with silicone to prevent scratches on the surface of the laptop. It is non-slip and safe. It is sprayed with wear-resistant paint. 13.3-inch tablet computer, handheld game console, video game console, the center axis contains a graphene spacer, which has a good damping feeling and will not loosen after repeated folding

Carry it with you, the total weight does not exceed 200g, the design is inspired by Transformers, and the smallest can be stored as the size of a Nokia mobile phone. It can be used with tablets and video game consoles indoors and outdoors.

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