Reno About Product Development

    Reno has an overseas Amazon data analysis team and a product design team who worked at Foxconn in Japan. In addition to meeting the functional requirements of customers, we adopt ergonomic design principles in the product structure, repeatedly optimize the process steps, and polish the product details to bring a better product experience.

Reno's appearance design is derived from minimalist aesthetics, simplifying complexity and improving product integrity and coordination. For this reason, the corporate brand "Zetsumyo" was created, which means exquisite and wonderful.

     Increasing the added value of products has always been the main direction of our research. Eric, the product manager of Reno, explained the design concept of the portable stand x6: "Those stand products that are common in the Amazon market can only exist in the form of a stand, which limits the product itself.This will undoubtedly bring its brand owners into a price war.” Eric, product manager of Reno, said that a good product must match the product corporate brand, and a simple bracket can also be presented in a high-quality way, which is It is an attitude of people towards their own healthy life.

    First of all, it should be simple in shape, and the X shape is most reminiscent of the structure of a notebook stand. This saves people the cognitive cost of it. Secondly, the use method should be simple enough. People don't like the cumbersome operation of the ordinary "sled bracket". We hope that the use of the bracket can be simplified to 2 steps, so that even young children can operate it by themselves.

    Finally, the added value of the product, how to combine your brand with the product, the structure of X will make people focus on the center of the intersection, which will be the best position for the logo layout, allowing your brand to inject soul into the product . Subtly become your brand props. The X6 stand will bring real time compounding to brands.

    "Insist on making high-quality and creative products, so that you will not fall into the price war of e-commerce. Reno constantly develops simple and creative new products. In the past, in the Chinese market. Our products have been recognized by well-known companies such as Lenovo and Asus.

    Now our young team will continue to inject fresh blood into the global consumer electronics market. At the same time, we also welcome more brands to cooperate with us and do some interesting things together.” said Chen Huifeng, chairman of the company.

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Post time: Jun-29-2022