A journey of discovery of Reno’s ergonomic products

Ergonomics, in essence, is to make the use of tools fit the natural form of the human body as much as possible, so that people who can use tools do not need any active physical and mental adaptation when working, thereby minimizing the fatigue caused by using tools.
At present, the most active ergonomic product on the market is the engineering chair, but due to its large size and heavy weight, it is inconvenient for international logistics and transportation, which greatly increases the cost of foreign trade exports. The Reno R&D team was established in 2013 and has been developing and designing ergonomic products for nearly ten years. Designed products include lift laptop stand, portable laptop stand, LED desk lamp and multifunctional wireless charger. We design more healthy office supplies for group users who use computers for a long time, and are good at creating new ergonomic products with customers, thanks to our mechanical structure design team "zetsumyo", which means exquisite, Along with the minimalist design style, our products are distinguished from other products on the market and more recognizable.
The long-term use of ergonomic office supplies can greatly reduce the pressure on the body, thereby improving people's sub-health state caused by long-term work.
We understand that ergonomics and related products are becoming more and more popular in various markets around the world. Although our X-series portable stand has been sold to Korea, North America, Europe and Australia in just one month, and received unanimous praise from local users, we still hope to take this opportunity to quickly expand to major global markets. To serve more sub-healthy people, we look forward to establishing cooperative relations with more brands, which will be a long-term cooperation.
Commercial Manager Eric


Post time: Jul-14-2022