China’s Mechanical Keyboard Manufacturing Development

Development history of China's mechanical keyboard industry


The foreign mechanical keyboard industry has a long history. The world's first mechanical keyboard brand, CHEERY, was established in Germany in 1953.

Subsequently, CHERRY established 12 branches and factories in the United States and other countries and regions. Most of its mainstream mechanical keyboards are produced in German and Czech factories. China's mechanical keyboard industry started relatively late, sprouting in the late 1970s, and its development can be divided into the budding stage and the development stage (1978-2010)

From 1978 to 2010, China's mechanical keyboard industry was in its infancy. At this stage, the main mechanical keyboards in the Chinese market were, To be produced by foreign factories and enter the Chinese market in the form of finished products, well-known foreign mechanical keyboard brands include German CHEERY, Japan REALFORCE, US IBM, etc. The types of mechanical keyboards produced at this stage include black switches, green switches, brown switches, Red axis, white axis mechanical keyboard, etc. Among them, the black axis mechanical keyboard appeared first, and the production technology is mature. Because of its key firing speed.The features of fast speed and high keyboard sensitivity are favored by game lovers and quickly become the mainstream "mechanical keyboard for games".

Development stage Since 2011, China's mechanical keyboard industry has been in a development stage. At this stage, domestic and foreign mechanical keyboard manufacturers have begun to set up factories in China and supply various types of mechanical keyboards to online and offline channels. Based on the increasing demands of consumer groups for the comfort of mechanical keyboards, the red, green, and brown mechanical keyboards improved on the basis of the black-axis mechanical keyboard gradually replaced the black-axis mechanical keyboard and became increasingly popular. The white-axis mechanical keyboard gradually withdraws from the market, only Appears as a customized product. In addition, the types of mechanical keyboards are constantly enriched, and related companies continue to innovate in terms of keyboard shafts, RGB lighting effects, shapes, keycap materials and additional technologies, resulting in new types of mechanical keyboards such as RGB mechanical keyboards and magnetic switch mechanical keyboards.

The upstream participants in the industrial chain of China's mechanical keyboard industry are raw material suppliers, that is, to provide services for the production and production of mechanical keyboards.

Merchant of essential raw materials. The raw materials involved in the production of mechanical keyboards include shafts, MCU (chip-level computer), PCB (printed circuit boards), keycaps, etc. Among them, the shaft is the main raw material of the mechanical keyboard, and its cost is the proportion of the total cost of the mechanical keyboard. About 30%, the cost of raw materials such as MCU, PCB, keycaps accounts for 10%, 10%, 5~8% of the total cost.


(1) Axis:

China's large-scale manufacturers of special shafts for mechanical keyboards include Kaihua, Gaote, and Guantai, which together occupy the mechanical keyboard shafts.

The market share is as high as about 70%, the industry influence is strong, and the bargaining power of the participants in the middle reaches of the mechanical keyboard industry chain

high. The number of mechanical keyboard shaft manufacturers in China is relatively small, with a total of more than 100, and the industry concentration is relatively high.

(2) MCU:

MCU is a chip-level computer that integrates peripheral interfaces such as memory, counter, and USB on a single chip. middle

Chinese mechanical keyboard MCUs are mostly 8-bit MCUs, compared to 32-bit MCUs (mostly used in network operations, multimedia processing, etc.

Complex processing scenarios) are relatively low-end and low-tech. At this stage, 8-bit MCU manufacturers with high market share in China include Atmel, NXP, STC, Winbond, etc. Due to the low technology content, many small local Chinese manufacturers have emerged and continued to develop, and the market concentration of China's 8-bit MCU industry is Low, the bargaining power of production enterprises is low.

(3) PCB:

PCB refers to a printed circuit board that connects the main body and the shaft and also supports the shaft. China PCB industry market concentration is low, China

There are many local manufacturers. PCB companies are concentrated in Guangdong, Hunan, Hubei, Jiangxi, Jiangsu and other places, representing companies

There are Zhending Technology, Shennan Circuit, Lianneng Technology, Shenzhen Wuzhu Technology, etc. Compared with the mechanical keyboard axis industry, China PCB

The industry capital and technical thresholds are low, and the market supply capacity is greater than the actual demand, so the bargaining power of PCB companies is low.

(4) Keycaps:

China's mechanical keyboard keycaps have a wide range of materials, and the main materials include ABS (terpolymer), PBT (polyterephthalene)

Butylene formate) and POM (polyoxymethylene thermoplastic crystalline polymer), among which ABS and PBT material keycaps are often used in high-end mechanical keyboards, and PBT material is better than ABS material in terms of wear resistance and smoothness, so the price Usually higher than ABS material. Among the keycap companies in China, the more well-known ones are Amilo, RK, Fuller, Gauss, Thor, etc. The keycaps are mostly used as mechanical keyboard accessories for mechanical keyboard DIY enthusiasts.

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