Reno’s new ambient light makes your life full of fairytale colors

Ambient lights take the place as the starting point, and aim to create a beautiful and gorgeous lighting environment to enhance the scene effect, which can be changed according to different scenes, making people feel the atmosphere of the scene. Bring a pop of color to your home and life.

The ambient light will adjust the scene mode at will, and it will change according to different scenes without you needing to adjust it manually. Provides you with different lighting scenarios.
The common forms of atmosphere lighting are mainly monochrome, multi-color, rhythm and other forms.
1. Monochromatic ambient light
The monochromatic ambient light is a single color (blue), and the color and brightness cannot be changed.
2. Multi-color ambient light
The multi-color ambient light can realize the transformation of various colors. The duty cycle of the conduction can be used to obtain different lighting brightness and realize the change of the brightness of the light source. Users can set the color and brightness of the ambient light according to their needs.
3. Rhythmic atmosphere light
In addition to the existing functions of multi-color atmosphere lights, the rhythmic atmosphere lamp can control the three primary colors of red, green and blue through driving modulation, so that the three colors have 256 gray levels and can be mixed arbitrarily to generate 256 ×256×256=16777216 colors, and can also output through sound, light, speed and other change signals to achieve the multi-functional effects of monochromatic stillness, monochromatic breathing, color-changing breathing and music rhythm.
Ambient lights have lighting effects such as living, falling asleep, waking up, dining, parties, etc., which can create thousands of colorful lights. What kind of life scene, you can adjust the corresponding lighting effect.
Residential lighting requirements are gradually rising from single lighting to echoing emotions and creating a healthy light environment. Ingeniously match lights to achieve different scene combinations, all of which can be achieved by atmosphere lights.
At the beginning of the design of "Reno" products, fully considering the tense rhythm of modern life, it is intended to make people more relaxed and leisure. The soft brown color of the packaging is integrated into the strong urban life atmosphere, and it touches every nervous nerve of people. The representative works of fashion and elegance are not only a lamp, but also a humanized decorative ornament. Mobilizing the annual rings of memories in those melodious and romantic years, meditating and comprehending life under the lamp. Designers go deep into the themes of life and are good at excavating the magnificent beauty that nature bestows on human beings. The use of rich and magical fairy tale-colored mushrooms is perfectly combined with modern high-tech to interpret a technology with a strong rational atmosphere, so that products and life are closer and closer. It is the perfect emotional sustenance for business, friendship, love and family. A product that concentrates the designer's technological efforts, not only a platform for the sublimation and release of emotions, but also a "catalyst" for the emotional crystallization of love.


Post time: Sep-16-2022