Aluminum Vertical Aluminium Laptop Stand With Customizable Packaging

Short Description:

Application Scenario: Can be used as laptop stand, iPad tablet stand, tablet stand

Suitable for people: students, notebooks, digital tablets, tablet computers commonly used personnel

Applicable occasions: home office, office

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 aluminum alloy + silicone

Surface treatment process


Elevation angle


Height range

 53~238mm height adjustment

Applicable models

 11~15.6 inches



Safety Certification

 Quality Inspection Report





● Lifting type, the sitting posture and standing posture can be changed at will, stable and not shaking

● Suitable for 11-17.3 inch laptops

● Enhanced damping shaft with a maximum load of 6kg, supporting gaming laptops

● Follow the drama and watch the movie without blocking the subtitles

● Anti-skid and stable, the bracket panel has silicone anti-skid pad

● Hollow-out design accelerates heat dissipation

● The whole body is made of aluminum alloy material, which is strong and durable.

● Double-layer space, the upper layer places the computer, and the lower layer places the keyboard

● Dual-axis multi-angle 180° stepless adjustment



This laptop stand fits all tablet and laptop models and sizes from 10-17 inches, such as MacBook, Macbook Pro, Laptop, Surface Laptop, Dell, HP, Asus, and more.

Ergonomic emphasis on finding the most comfortable angle of effective labor time is healthy. Our ergonomic notebook stand can be continuously adjusted from 0°to 90°at different angles to prevent cervical and spine injuries from prolonged sitting.

The product is made of specially processed aluminum alloy, which is delicate to the touch, easy to clean, rust-proof and scratch-proof; the metal heat-conducting alloy and the ventilation hollow design help the computer to dissipate heat and prevent overheating.

Made of high-quality aluminum alloy, it is stable and sturdy, and can support 10KG weight without worrying about shaking. A durable, non-slip silicone pad on top of the stand protects your computer from scratches and slips. The silicone pad on the bottom of the stand ensures that the product remains stable even while typing.

The cutout design allows you to easily adjust the angle. If you need to store it,Double-layer space, the upper layer places the computer, and the lower layer places the keyboard, it folds flat to free up more desk space, keeping your desk neat and organized for easy storage.

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